Я, Овешкова Анна Николаевна, соглашаюсь на публикацию на сайте www.ifp.uran.ru следующих личных сведений, а также их полного или сокращенного перевода на английский язык:

  Овешкова Анна Николаевна

Подразделение: Сектор теоретической лингвистики и академических коммуникаций

Должность: Старший научный сотрудник

Ученая степень: кандидат филологических наук


Anna Oveshkova graduated with a specialist degree (hons) in foreign languages (1996 – 2001) from Ural State Pedagogical University.

She received her PhD from USPU in 2007, which focused on the functional-semantic field of definiteness – indefiniteness in the British and African American variants of English.

Prior to joining the Foreign Languages Department (Institute of Law and Philosophy,
Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences) she was an associate professor at the Institute of Foreign Languages (USPU) and taught the History of English, Spoken English, Grammar, Analytical Reading etc there (2001 – 2015); she also taught Legal English at Ural State Law University (2013 – till now).

A.N. Oveshkova authored 33 papers and 3 textbooks; co-authored 3 papers and 8 textbooks.

Her current research interests focus on discourse analysis, modality, academic writing.

Selected Publications
1. Oveshkova A.N. The noun phrase structure’s peculiarities displayed in African American Vernacular English.
2. Oveshkova A.N. The role of some linguistic means in conveying the message of the novel “Light in August” by W.C. Faulkner.
3. Oveshkova A.N. One metaphorical model’s transformation in J. Hetfield’s discourse.
4. Oveshkova A.N. Metaphorical personification of seasons in the poetic individual style of I. Knabenhof.
5. Oveshkova A.N., Starkova D.A. The image of winter in the light of time concept in modern Russian poetry (on the material on I. Knabenhof’s works).
6. Oveshkova A.N. The actualization of the meanings of definiteness and indefiniteness of linguistic units and the message of the poetic text “The Unforgiven” by J. Hetfield.
7. Osintseva T.N., Sumenkova E.M., Starkova D.A., Novikova V.V., Oveshkova A.N. English for inter-cultural communication: an electronic textbook for an elective course.
8. Oveshkova A.N. Exercises in Home Reading: Ray Bradbury’s Short Stories.
9. Oveshkova A.N. A Refresher Course in English (in two parts).

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